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Queen Bunk Beds


Bunk beds solve the age old problem of accommodating more people in less space.


They're ingenious in their design in which one bed is stacked on top of another one to utilize vertical space while saving the ever precious floor space that seems to dwindle with the passing years.


But to add even more innovation to the already brilliant design, the queen bunk bed options are emerging that double as both a seat and bed.


These new designs are also capable of the same space saving abilities as their twin sisters.

If you're looking to get a place for your kids or teens to sleep, or maybe even yourself in a cramped apartment or small space area, queen bunk beds should be an option that you consider. 


Many queen bunk bed options are designed in the usual bunk bed fashion. They have a twin bed or full bed on the top bunk, where a standard twin or full size mattress will fit with no problem.


But instead of having a twin or full bottom bunk or just slapping a queen bed down there, which would look foolish, some queen bunk beds feature a futon seat. This futon bench accommodates a queen size futon mattress that acts as both a cushion and as the bed's mattress when needed.


As night rolls around, all that's needed to convert the chair into a queen bunk bed is a simple slide. The back part of the bench folds down and the seat part slides outwards to provide more room for the chair backing to fold flat.


 queen size bunk bed

queen bunk beds 

 queen size bunk bed


Once flat, the futon cushion is now your bed's mattress and in a few seconds, you've transformed your old bunk bed into something much larger to accommodate those extra guests that showed up.  


These queen size bunk beds are typically made of some sort of light wood or metal. The metal ones are a lot less prevalent these days because of their lack of the ability to be changed.


For instance, with a metal frame queen bunk bed you're limited to the color and shape of the pre-welded steel frame. With many wooden framed bunk beds (such as the type highlighted in the video below), the beds are shipped unpainted and untouched, meaning that the end consumer has the ability to paint or furnish the bed in any way they please, thus making things a lot easier for customization. 


 queen bunk bed

 queen size bunk beds

 queen bunk bed


 queen bunk beds

 twin over queen bunk bed

       queen size bunk beds

Queen Size Bunk Bed – Shopping Considerations 


Shopping online for queen size bunk beds or even a themed kids bunk beds is as easy as shopping for just about anything else. You can look to spend around $400+/- for a queen bunk bed of this type, though there is great variation in pricing available. Note that in many circumstances, the mattresses are sold separately.



Although the pictures of the bed feature the mattress and pillows, they are more than likely not included in the bunk bed set.


It's also important to check and see if the wood bunk bed you're purchasing has been painted or not. We have specifically highlighted the Room Doctor futon bunk bed on another page on this site.


If you're looking for a pre-painted bunk bed, check to make sure that it comes in the color that you're looking for.


Lastly, and as always, research your dealer beforehand so you don't get sold a faulty product.